Alumni Profiles

As of June 2011 over 344 residents have graduated from Duke Family Medicine. As might be expected, the majority of graduates are in direct active patient care. North Carolina is the most common location for our graduates. Approximately, 10% are in administrative, teaching and research.

Four graduates are medical school departmental chairs:

Duke University School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
University of Utah School of Medicine
Baylor University School of Medicine

A more detailed analysis of our program graduates is to be published in cooperation with the Robert Graham Center: Policy Studies in Family Medicine & Primary Care.

Duke Alumni Practices in the South East

“Duke Family Medicine answered the question of what will make an excellent family physician for the 21st century with an innovative curriculum that combines top-quality inpatient training with consistent training in chronic disease management from day one.

Working in a Level 3 Medical Home gives the resident the resources to offer complete longitudinal care to the patient so that we can strive for the best outcomes possible.”

Pippa Evans, MD