Joyce Copeland, MD

Dr Copeland was born amidst the cypress trees and Spanish Moss lining the Pasquotank River of northeastern North Carolina. She knew she wanted to be a doctor by grade three...that is if she wasn't the first woman president or first woman astronaut. It was the lessons learned from great family doctors from her childhood that led her to the specialty of Family Medicine. Lifelong relationships with families and communities, seeing the transitions that life offers and learning ...along with the families she negotiate the challenges and celebrate the rewards that life brings...that is the Family Medicine she signed up for and it has been quite a ride with no end in sight.

Dr. Copeland attended medical school at THE University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill where she graduated in 1975. The next three years were spent in the Duke Family Medicine Residency Program were her mentor was Dr. Harvey Estes, founder of the program. She served as chief resident and went on to join Watts Family Practice in 1978. The practice was merged with Pickens Family Medicine in 1981...and thus a 26 plus year saga with Duke Family Medicine began and continues.

This Tarheel born and bred was Medical Director for the Pickens facility before starting a full time faculty role with the Duke Family Medicine Residency in the early '90's. She is involved in teaching residents, medical students and PA students. She was the Medical Director of the Duke PA Program for 17 years. She now serves as the director of Pre-doctoral education for the Department of Community and Family Medicine. But her pride and joy is the fact that she is now caring for the grandbabies of some of her first new parents...that is Family Medicine at its best. Those families and her colleagues at Duke were instrumental in helping her become the North Carolina Family Doctor of the Year in 2005.

Dr. Copeland states, "North Carolina is home and always will be. I can enjoy the beaches of coastal Carolina, the rivers and trails of the Piedmont or the peaceful landscapes of the mountains all within 3-4 hours drive from my driveway. I am blessed by the opportunity to live 20 minutes from my office and am able to sit on my back deck and enjoy the not so quiet beauty of banjo frogs, owls and peepers while swinging in my hammock amidst tall pines and dogwoods. Then, if so inclined...I can go watch my favorite team...a lighter shade of blue...and enjoy one of the greatest rivalries in sport. Calling North Carolina home is an honor and a privilege."

"I cannot tell you how excited I am to be at this one-of-a-kind family medicine program! This program attracts passionate people who seek to be leaders in family medicine. It is not your typical program by any stretch. The outpatient focus, commitment to community research, and the programís willingness to help you create a tailored residency experience are things that no other program offers. Having the resources available at Duke, and opportunity to work with renowned physicians is second to none. As an intern there is much to learn, but the other residents, faculty, and staff are all here to support you and guide you along the way. Durham is an exciting city with so much to do, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of co-interns and residents to spend my 3 years with. If you are looking for a different program that emphasizes outpatient care and are passionate about changing the dynamic of family medicine, this is the program for you."

Jonathan Bonnet, MD