MHS in Clinical Leadership Fellowship

4th Year Degree Option with Masters of Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership

4th year courses and seminars:

Population Based Approaches to Health Care
Introduction to Health Care Policy
Management of Self
Managing Complex Health Care Systems
Health Care Operations: Human Resources, Quality, Law and Ethics
Clinical Leadership Seminar- Perspectives on Health Care.
Clinical Leadership Seminar- Leading in a Chaotic Environment.

Clinical Leadership Project

The Clinical Leadership Project helps a real client decide what to do about a problem in health policy, financial planning, or administration. Its purpose is to recommend and defend a specific course of action. Students work as part of a team to complete the project. The project is divided into two parts, with the first semester being devoted to client and problem identification and developing and defending a written prospectus. The second semester is devoted to the completion and final defense of the project in its entirety.

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“Duke Family Medicine is truly at the forefront of primary care. Between our patient centered medical home and the community based initiatives in which we participate, we will leave our residency training with the tools to make us true community leaders in primary care.”

Megha Shah, MD

"The Duke Family Medicine Residency Program embodies the best of the academic world while fostering a deeper understanding of the surrounding community in an innovative way that is revolutionizing traditional concepts of medical curricula."

Tito Balbino, MD