Leadership Certificate

An exciting aspect of the residency curriculum is formal leadership training to prepare graduates to become future leaders in Family Medicine.

Clinical Leadership Certificate

Residency training during the third year includes a required Certificate in Clinical Leadership which consists of the following courses.

Courses and Seminars:

  • Clinical Leadership Seminar: Health Care Finance: Barriers and Opportunities for Change
  • Clinical Leadership Seminar: Organizational Structure and Use of Data to Support and Manage Change
  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance
  • Introduction to Medical Informatics
  • Operational Management
  • Quality Measurement and Management
  • Strategy and Strategy Implementation in Healthcare

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“Duke Family Medicine is truly at the forefront of primary care. Between our patient centered medical home and the community based initiatives in which we participate, we will leave our residency training with the tools to make us true community leaders in primary care.”

Megha Shah, MD

"The Duke Family Medicine Residency Program embodies the best of the academic world while fostering a deeper understanding of the surrounding community in an innovative way that is revolutionizing traditional concepts of medical curricula."

Tito Balbino, MD